The Art Of Owning Your Story

The Art Of Owning Your Story


Written by Isabelle Thye, Illustrated by Zhe Hui T

What do you need to have before starting to live the life that you want? Is climbing up the corporate ladder equivalent to the road to success? Is it okay to explore different things instead of focusing in one area of expertise?

This book introduces readers to Isabelle’s 5 years of haphazard journey after college, transitioning from the corporate world to coffee industry before pursuing her passion for writing. While she defied the broken definition of ‘success’, the rough patches in unchartered territories set her onto a path of self-discovery to realise that there are many important pillars in life besides career and money.

This book is written for millennials and everyone who has a dream in their heart, a burning passion they are yet to pursue. Isabelle distilled 5 years of life experience and hard lessons into this book to inspire more people to come alive with a story that they love.

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