The Voice Of Shamila Ibrahim


Many of us are on our very own unique journey through life. Shamila Ibrahim's journey is one filled with hope and challenges. She is able to think positively about her future, even though there is a lot of uncertainty for her. Originating from Myanmar, she has since taken refuge in Malaysia under the country's refugee status. In her book, she shares about her mother and how much she is grateful for her. The book ends with a touching poem.

Together with Petalz, Shamila has distributed 90 copies of her book to as far as Australia. All of the profits will be going to support her future endeavours, making her a young entrepreneur of her own. Her next big step in life is yet to come and she hopes to be a doctor when she grows up.


She Is Strong But No One Knows

Written and Illustrated by Shamila Ibrahim

Let me introduce this wonderful, strong and bold woman, her name is Juma, she’s from Myanmar and she has 5 children. She’s one of the underage mothers. She has 2 girls and 3 boys, her elder daughter is 17 now, her 2nd son is 14, her 3rd son is 12, her 4th son is 11 and last but not the least is her youngest daughter 6 years old.

Richard Ong