Shamila Ibrahim: She Is Strong But No One Knows


Shamila Ibrahim is one of our published authors who recently wrote the book - 'She is strong but no one knows'. The book is about a mother called Juma. She is a strong spirited human being who is responsible for many kids. Although times were hard for her, she never fails to stay positive in front of them.

Shamila Ibrahim has been traveling between Myanmar and Malaysia throughout her life. We met her at Fugee School when she enrolled in our programme. After 4 sessions, she is now a proud published author who has sold multiple copies of her book to raise funds for her next chapter in life - a new beginning in another country. She plans to use the profits from her book to continue her education there, as she believes that education is very important.

Support Shamila Ibrahim on her journey by getting a copy of her book today. Please visit her book page.

Richard Ong