How To Start Writing Your Story


It can be really hard for anyone to start writing. The first few words can be a struggle for writers, especially when you are not sure about how to go about carving a plot line.

Here are 3 tips that we have been using to help our creators get around this. We try to ask questions and not give directions because we believe that your story is personally your story, and you should have the creative freedom to tell it your way.

Tip 1: Who is that special someone in your life?
Understanding who that special someone is can help you to think about who you are writing for. Now that you know your potential reader, what is the message that you want to tell him or her? The message that you intend to carve out will be the basis for your book from start to end.

Tip 2: What is a life-changing experience that you can remember experiencing until today?
You have an amazing story with you but you never had the chance to share it with anyone. Think about how it all happened and how you overcame it, or what have you learned from it. It is a valuable story that many people can learn from.

Tip 3: What is your biggest fear?
Stories are steep in emotions, your life itself is a storybook and you are living it. What is your life story that your readers can experience with you? How can you engage them the exact same way you felt engaged while you were living it. We all share the same emotions but we have very different stories coming from it. Why not start from there?

Richard Ong

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Richard Ong