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We can help you connect through stories.


We believe stories matter, and have the power to make a difference. 

Storytelling is a valuable skill to help people communicate better, especially in our fragmented world that we currently operate in.

Petalz’s mission is to help you connect with people through stories, as we believe that stories have the power to make a difference in your life and to those who you connect with.

Besides learning the art and craft of storytelling, we can also help you turn your ideas into a published book.

Petalz Programme

Our programme is designed to guide you through the process of crafting, visualising and narrating your story. In return for all the work done, you will be going home with your very own printed book. 

It does not end there. Your will have an opportunity to share your story in our Petalz Events.

You are helping a lot of people to share their stories which will transform other people’s lives. This is a very inspiring role.
— Kian Meng

Petalz Publishing

We can help you get your story out there through our online bookstore. Our printing and distribution services will be there to support you, so you can focus on  sharing your story with the world.

Our team believes in arranging events that can help you engage your readers in a more intimate way. We have done plays, readings and so much more which you can take part.

We are looking for a space to explore ideas and this is that place.
— Ivy
I am so glad that Petalz came into my life.
— Mila

Petalz Social

We are in partnerships with CyberCare Youth Organisation and Fugee School to help their students publish their own book. Become a Petalz Sponsor today so we can make a difference in their lives.


Free Download! Use our participant handbook to start creating your stories today.

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